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Why choose Us?

Why choose Us.Because we are Reliable.

15 years of expertise in bibliometrics, flexible tools and rigorous proceedures to clean and analyze data.

Why choose Us?

Our Mission.To save you time.

Have fun analyzing the results of studies, we take care of the hard part.
That's our most valuable reward.

Why choose Us?

What we Do.Make our Customers Happy.

Applying the latest AI algorithms to clean large datasets, train future experts in bibliometrics and enjoy our job.


Our Works

Some of the Awesome Projects we've worked on.

Bibliometric assessment of candidates to the ERC grants



Top cited authors in Biomedicine in Spain

Open Imagination


State of the R&D System in Catalonia



Map of the research groups on Oncology in Spain

Research groups
Rigorous methods




Provision of clean datasets for the observatory ICONO


Bibliometric assessment of cantidates to the PNR


Analisys of the field of Epidemiology and Public Health in Spain

Scientific fields

Research Marks

The core of the Company.
Raül Méndez-Vásquez

Raul Méndez-Vásquez

Data Scientist with a strong background in Bibliometrics, Statistics, Medical Research and Machine Learning.
Master in Business Administration.

Eduard Suñén-Pinyol

Eduard Suñén-Pinyol

Data Architect with a strong background in SQL, Cloud Computing technologies and Bigdata.
Master in Bigdata.


"Everything is designed, but some things are designed well."


Three categories to fulfill the needs of our clients + training

Professional: Researchers & Engineers

You need strong evidence of your performance when searchig for funds.
These solutions will provide you the objective information you need to make your case.

Bibliometric Profile

With the Bibliometric Profile of your full career you can show your current performance and recent improvements in 5 complementary facets.

  • Productivity
  • Impact
  • Excellence
  • Leaddership
  • International collaboration

Patents applications, projects granted by the European Commission, clinical trials or your PhD disseration may also be included in your profile.

Bibliometric Benchmark

Comparing yourself with top class reserchers will help you make better strategical decisions for your career.
You will able to answer questions like these ones:

  • I’m I as productive as a top researcher in my field?
  • Are my publications attracting enough attention in my field?
  • Are any of my publications among the top 10% most cited?
  • How often do I play the leading role when publishing papers?
  • Do I cooperate with colleagues abroad as often as top researcher in my field do?

Intelligence: Universities, Centers & Health Insitutes

Make strategic decisions and spare yourself the tedious and time-consuming job of cleaning publication and patent data.
Ensure accurate indicators! A precise definition of the organization is crucial! We mirror your definition to provide high quality data so you can build accurate indicators

Bibliometric Report

Get to know how your insitution is currently performing in 6 complementary facets.

  • Productivity
  • Impact
  • Excellence
  • Leaddership
  • International collaboration
  • Gender distribution

Patents applications, projects granted by the European Commission and clinical trials may also be included in the report.

Data cleaning & sorting

Whether you want to build a new system or just feed your existing with scientific publications or patents to support decision-making we can help you succeed!

Send us your bibliographic data and we take care of the rest! You receive tidy and clean datasets, quick & easy!

Author identification

Identify, assess, monitor & empower the best assets in your insitution.


Compare your instution with peer organizations to get a real sense of your stengths.

Planner: Govermental entities & Funders

Bibliometric Maps

Get to know the structure responsible for the productivity, impact, excellence, international collaboratio and gender distribution in any region in Spain or any research field.

We can also identify collaborations between the Academia and the private sector, you just need to tell us the research field or the region.

Collaboration Networks

Collaboration networks tell how influential its members are, and how they interact. Whether you want to promote collaboration or to detect the opinion leaders in a field or sector, collaboration networks are your choice.

Collaboration networks are also the best source when searching for partners to publish, to patent, to run clinical trials or just apply for funding in Europe or USA.


Whether you need top performers to lead an action or to form panels, we can provide you with experts in all fields.

Training for Managers & Technicians

Make the most of bibliometric reports, whether you are a manager, a leader of a research group or a data analyst.
Get a deep understanding of the most accepted bibliometrics indicators, the way they are calculated, their meaning and their "pros & cons".

Workshop for practitioners

Designed for people willing, or already performing, bibliometric analysis.
The Workshop addresses the two major issues in bibliometrics: attribution and counting in order to equip participants with the knowledge and tools necessary to perform robust studies.

Bibliometrics for Managers

Designed to provide a deep undertanding of the most rebost bilbiometric indicators and to enable participants to use bibliometric indicators in managerial activities like:

  • To make informed decisions taking into account bibliometric indicators
  • To detect strengths and assests in the organization
  • To design strategies taking into account bibliometric indicators

The session are 3 hours long with 1 coffee break. A minimum of 4 participants is required to run the Workshops.
The training sessions can be held at the client's company or at our facilities.


What Clients say?

Some of our Clients love us & so we do!

The bibliometric analysis that you have provided us has been very useful and rigorous.

Dr. J. Gea President of BRN, Barcelona

Thanks to their long experience they have a great ability to identify and analize the structure of complex organizations. That makes us feel confidence about the results of the analysis.

Dr. L. Rovira Director of CERCA, Barcelona

We have been working with the BAC for some years now and they have become an indispensable source of information to understand our research system.

Dra. M. Solans AQUAS, Barcelona

They call it big data, computer algorithms, standardization processes ... after seeing them work and the results, I think what they do is MAGIC!

Sandra Reoyo Open Science Manager of CSUC, Barcelona

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