Sample size and characterization

The sample used in this study consisted of the list of authors of HCPs affiliated with at least one research organization in Spain. Subsequently, this list was normalized by disambiguating the publications mixed up in namesakes and unifying their variants. During this process the nicknames used by the authors to sign their publications were replaced for their full name.

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Global Rankings

Irrespective of their main field of research, authors have been ranked according to 4 criteria: 1) number of HCP in which the authors played a leading role (Leading HCP's), 2) total number of HCP attributed to the author (HCP's), 3) number of Outstanding Papers in which authors played a leading role (Leading OP's), and 4) total number of OP (OP's).

The rest of the authors included in the study are shown within the disciplines of their HCPs.


87 different authors listed in 4 rankings

Ranking of authors by JCR discipline

Authors are listed below the JCR discipline(s) of their HCPs.

219 different authors listed in all discipline rankings.